Choosing Race Lineups

As a community rowing program we try to race every rower during the season. Please keep in mind that not all regattas offer races in all categories. Additionally, unlike so many other “chase the ball” sports, we cannot stop a boat mid-race and swap out a rower to give them a chance. There is also a finite amount of seats, with the novice category this is 4 or 8 (plus coxswains). If we have a number of athletes that is not divisible by 4, we may not be able to find a race for every athlete. If this is the case, we will absolutely make sure that they race at the following regatta.

How do we choose the race line-ups?

Rowing is a meritocracy sport. We boat the fastest line-ups without fear or favor.  Factors that we take into consideration when choosing line-ups are (in order of importance):
1. Oarsmanship – it’s not just about how strong a rower is. That power is meaningless if their technique disrupts the flow of the boat.
2. Attitude, commitment and season-long dedication to the team. This typically leads to good oarsmanship.
3. Team chemistry – a boat that respects each other will go much faster than one that does not.
4. Weight adjusted erg score – A measure of strength and stamina.
5. Seat racing – in the unlikely event that the line up is not clear following the progression above.